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How do I optimize my website?... ?

Here are a few things to do to your website to make it search engine ready!


Page Title 
The name of your business and keywords come to place in your page title.

Make sure that your title has your business name and main products. Think of what your customers will type in to search for your items. Like Shoes, Purses, Advertising, Baby Items.. ect.

Meta Tags 
Scripts used to talk to the Search Engines.
Normally between the <head> & </head> tags in the html source of your website.. 

Page Copy 
Text on your website. Most search engines like at least 200 words. In these 200 words you need to try and  include your keywords many times. This helps robots know what your site is about.

Alt Images 
Alt images are read by the search engine robots. Each image that you have on your website should have a title tag.

Here is an example of a title tag:


<img border="0" src="" alt="Mothers Work At Home Resource Center Work At Home Mom" width="579" height="180">

Broken Links 
You always need to check for broken links. These broken links can cause the search engines to quit spidering your website correctly.

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Information on Keyword Analysis... ?

Why do we need Keywords and how do they benefit my website?

Keywords are words or phrases that describe your website.  When the Search Engines "read" your website HTML, they find these keywords to know where to place your website in the searches. You need to put your Keywords to work for you! Say for instance your main keyword is "Work At Home". You will need to make sure you add "Work At Home" to all your pages. Including alt images, website description, keyword description, title tags, and most important in to your page copy.

How do I know what keywords are right for my website?

Think about what you offer. Do you offer Homemade candles? Computer software? Advertising gear? Those will be your main Keywords.

For instance say, you offered home, garden & party supplies. Your keywords would most likely be.. Party Supplies, Home Furnishings, Garden Decor.

Can I ensure that my site will be placed where it belongs?

First things first.. You're going to have to make sure the site is completely optimized. You have to make sure the keywords are in all the right places.

Once your site is optimized and "Search Engine Ready" you may begin the submission process knowing your site will be listed where it belongs.

I got in trouble for spamming on my website... Why?

You may have had too many keywords on your page copy. The search engines read this as spam! When describing your website on your first page don't use all the keywords you can think of like...

"We have a wide variety of caps, t-shirts, sports bottles, pens, camping gear, tools, power tools, air compressors, ect.. ect.."

The search engines read this text. If they find too many commas in one area they will think it's automatically spam!

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